Established on a 4000m² area whose 2000 m² is indoor, our factory started to function at the beginning of 2011 in Kemalpaşa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. With CNC and universal counters appropriate for any machining work, and more than 70 qualified and specialized staff, Demaş Makina continues to grow and make a mark on the sector.

Every successful quality revolution emerged due to senior management staff.

Who Is Demaş Makina?

Established in 2007, our company has become a reliable brand in the machining sector in a short time. Credible thanks to its constant development tendency, our company has left its mark on the machine and automotive sector with its 100% compatibility to your replacement parts, samples or projects; non-conciliatory precision, punctual delivery and sense of quality.

With its expert staff and technology pursuing structure, Demaş Makina has proved itself by producing thousands of items and millions of pieces in a short time through constantly developing its machinery.

Our main principle is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the most quality products with the most reasonable prices within the most advanced current technologies.

We are at your service in the machining sector with our institutionalized, specialized, innovative, experienced structure which pursues developments and has adopted team-work with its total quality spirit.

We consolidate our quality with cutting edge technology controllers.

Every product undergoes an uncomprimising supervision in our labs in terms of its physical features and functionality.

Quality does not arise by chance; it is undoubtedly an outcome of effort. Therefore, Demaş Makina is a principled company serving with quality material supply, quality production process and a sense of quality service.